Double room

Buginn has been developed with a scientific approach. The product consists of a few important parts; a concrete base, several core materials, and a concrete front. The concrete base is functioning as a constructive element for building retaining walls, garden borders, and sound barriers. The base will be finished with a beautiful design front, giving the final product an esthetic look. Besides giving a uniform look to the wall, the front also prevents insect eating birds like woodpeckers raiding the nests. Depending on the size of a project, fronts can be produced according to customer wishes with different colours/textures/solutions. Buginn is the first mass produced insect hotel that can be used on a high level of urbanization and is designed to function for a longer timespan given the right maintenance.

Single room

Behind the design fronts will be the core materials. Within the core material you’ll find the actual nesting holes. Buginn offers space for different materials to satisfy the needs of different species. In a project, it’s possible to use several different setups for core materials to give a wide variety of pollinators a preferred habitat. The cores can be made out of locally known materials to have a familiar touch. When cores are exhausted or overused, they can easily be cleaned or replaced with new ones, so nature can continue its work once again. Because of this modular design, Buginn is a sustainable solution for every public or consumer project that wants to help pollinators and the worldwide decreasing biodiversity.

Bee Flat

Specially for projects where no building works is included, Buginn offers a free-standing Bee Flat.  Based on a Corten steel sleeve, 4 Bee Hotel modules are placed on a riser to create an architectural column that perfectly matches modern public spaces.


Because of its shape and material, Bee hotel is ideal for building a wall or other separation.
By using whole and half stone, it is possible to create a stretching bond.

Technical data

General specifications:
Length: 387 mm
Width: 216 mm
Height: 187 mm
Colour: Gray
Weight: 25 kg

Core materials:
Wood: FSC certified wood, pre-drilled
Bamboo: FSC certified bamboo from local origin
Cane: In several diameters
Loam: From EU soil, focused on gnawing insects